Friday, April 24, 2009

Yummy Cream Cookies from Avie

These little bear cookies were so good! They had a chocolate cream filling, and each little bear-shaped cookie was stamped with a picture of a bear doing something different: dancing, eating honey, all they were so fun I hated to eat them except for the nomminess. Thanks Avie!

This bento was an idea I got from Honey She's Twisted: to make anything more nutritious, just add spinach or greens. I had this lovely lacinato kale, and some leftover basmati rice, so I just stirfried some green onion and ginger in sesame oil, threw in the chopped kale for a few minutes, threw in the rice and some soy sauce, then made the little cave in the middle of the wok and cooked up two eggs in the cave, then mixed it all together.

It was dynamite! Great tip Honey. I'll be doing this a lot. I love greens like spinach and kale and chard, but sometimes a great pile of them on a plate is daunting.


  1. Glad you liked the treats! Those bear cookies are one of my favs!

    Great idea about adding more healthy stuff into "fried" rice! I try to do the same thing - adding sprouts, cabbage, onion... whatever is in the fridge! "Fried" rice doesnt have to live up to it's bad rep!! :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. the cookies have bears on the front and lightening bolts on the back, what's not to love! Rice was great.... well, it all was!