Sunday, April 12, 2009

Krazy Easter Kupkakes

NQBR (not quite bento-related) but I enjoyed making these cupcakes based on Bakerella's recipe and instructions. The cupcake recipe itself turned out really well: a nice straightforward chocolate cake made with baking cocoa. And the buttercream frosting was nice on the not too sweet chocolate. Then of course loading the tops with extra candies etc. was a blast.

Hope everyone got their fill of marshmallow Peeps and other good things to celebrate spring! I also gave the dogs a bath this morning (Easter dog bath, old pagan custom?) and they smell like lavendar for the moment.

Here you see young Rufus has moved his nylabone chewing operation into Gabey's sunny spot, and poor Gabe has parked himself behind Rufus in futile protest. Life is so unfair. But seconds after this photo was taken, someone moved Rufus's hiney right out of there and Gabe moved up into his accustomed position.

Proving that all things come to those who wait.


  1. OH your cupcakes are perfect! GREAT JOB!!!!

    The puppehs are adorable! I didnt know dogs liked sunny spots like cats!

  2. Those cupcakes look amazing!! I love holidays really only for all of the crazy baking possibilities! (i.e. I go nuts with baked goods on Halloween). :)

  3. Avie: Thank you thank you!!

    Ebundri: me too! I just ate my second cupcake of the day and having thoroughly taste-tested them I can certify them good. Or maybe I should try one more in the interests of science.