Monday, April 6, 2009

Thai Salad Rolls for Monday

We got some really pretty fresh cilantro at the Co-op yesterday so i decided the time had come to make Thai salad rolls for the first time ever. I'd found the wraps some time back and I was pretty scared about them; they had the consistency of plastic, and a basket-weave pattern on them. I thought they might be wonky to work with but: they were really cooperative! The soak time in hot water is crucial; too long and they turn to a little squiggle of wet mess, too short and they crack. But it was easy to tell when they were 'just right'. I filled them with a mixture of carrot, cucumber, green onion, cilantro, and rice noodles plus a sauce of soy, Sambal Oelek (red pepper sauce), hoisin, peanut butter, and fresh lime juice. The rest of the sauce goes for dipping after you make the rolls.

My bento for today has two salad rolls and a sauce container, cherry tomatoes, pink grapefruit, baby cheese and a brownie bite.

Jan has:

One salad roll (they are high in carbs), veggies, and cottage cheese with edamame; then a salad with bacon crumbles and kalamata olives, more veggies, and a corner of lemon cake.

Big day at work today as we are 'tapping' the new student members of Mortar Board; I have to go all their classes dressed in an academic gown, hand them a yellow rose and a scroll, and pronounce a magic spell over them to make them Mortar Board people. 22 class visits, 22 magic spells; the logistics are mind-boggling. I will need my bento to survive!


  1. Those rolls look amazing!!! I can imagine how fresh and light they taste! *bows and worships the great FL*

    Your yellow rose ceremony sounds really cool! Have fun with it! ^^

  2. It is turning out to be fun. We borrowed the gowns from the Chancellor's office and they are academic-blingy: burgundy velvet with gold tassels and things.