Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mmmm Leftover Chinese Takeout!!

Is there anything better?

1. It's free! You already paid for it anyway.

2. It got better overnight! The flavors sang little songs to each other all night long in your fridge.

3. It has no calories!

Jan's bento has some of his "Happy Family" entree, some of my pork egg foo yung, some fried rice that I actually made fresh this morning so that I could add some protein (the egg) and ginger, my special delight invention: SuperEasy Thai Salad (recipe below), a marshmallow peep, and a Korean cookie.

SuperEasy Thai Salad:

packaged coleslaw mix
Fresh cilantro, rinsed, dried, and chopped fine
green onion chopped
olive oil
fresh lime juice

Combine and enjoy! The cilantro and lime really give this salad a nice Thai kick and you can make it in 3 minutes or less. If you are a hot pepper person, adding one of these would really send it over the moon. I use a lot of cilantro, almost one part coleslaw mix, one part cilantro. It's very healthful and so good.

And: because I will probably never have 24 yellow roses in my kitchen again, here's a photo of the roses I gave the Mortar Board students on Monday:

This was so much fun and the students really responded well: all the class would burst into applause for the tapped one. I walked miles though -- from one end of the campus to the other all day long -- and my feet were really sore afterwards. Next year the students will do their own tapping in the way they see fit - I kinda hope it does not involve me walking 46 miles with an armload of roses.


  1. OMG - your 3 Rules Of Leftovers made me LOL! SO FUNNY!!!!!

    That bento lunch looks SOOOOOOOO good!!!! *drools*

  2. That egg foo yung for lunch was dynomite. Wish I could make it like they do!!