Friday, April 17, 2009

Hello Salad!!

Hello Kitty bento is great for a salad on a warm spring morning. I was surprised today when I went to let the dogs out - it wasn't cold!! Nobody will be in class today - we always have mass absences on these first few nice days. The students will drag heavy furniture out onto their rental lawns and drink beverages while waving at passers-by. No thoughts of calculus or chemistry will be allowed!

Today I also have put peach nectar in the little "Scribble Pig!" thermos. It says in French: "Scribble on an aluminum thermos!" Very self-referential and even....existential I think.

The only thing even remotely Asian about this bento is the rice vinegar in the salad dressing; otherwise it's just a big ole American salad for a warm spring day.

Weekend incoming!! Hope it's great for you!!


  1. Yeah for the pig thermos! What a strange thing to write on a thermos, though? LOL! Very cute! Do you speak French? I took a year of it in high school and can only remember a few things...


  2. Avie: yes it is a weird little thermos. No my French is just barely able to read philosophy books and no conversation or general reading. Anything colloquial defeats me totally.

    Eilismaura: yes, Shinzi Katoh grabs my $$ again!! Cute stuff.