Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bentos of Spring

This one I threw together really fast using the wild rice cranberry bread I got on Sunday in my Co-op foray and just a bunch of raw things. It was great for the day: sunny, warm, t-shirt weather as we say here in the frozen north. The only cooked thing is the baby zucchini I quick-fried and stuffed in next to the peanut butter sandwich.

This bento was an island in a hectic day of meetings. Meetings! Wouldn't the working world be a better place without them? If someone enacted a ban on meetings, what would we miss? Not the sad little 'bars' that no one really wants but almost everyone will eat if they are set out on a plastic tray. Not the terrible coffee. And we could use all that time for bento!


  1. You know what is WORSE than meetings? CONFERENCE CALLS!!!! *gags*

  2. Oh yes, when everyone starts talking at once. Or just getting them set up: Can you hear us ack gack breaking up noises ...