Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Hello Sailor!" Kitty goes with Jan today

At the risk of getting Jan teased by his co-workers at lunch, I am sending Hello Kitty bento with him today.

My 'concept' was right for this bento space and I could not make myself force it into any other box. I wanted to have a black bean and soy meat burrito resting in amongst fresh veggies, a sour cream alien, and a marshmallow peep on top. I can't wait to hear the reaction - from Jan OR his lunch friends. This could be the last time Kitty goes to ITSS lunch room.

My own bento is in rabbit usagi:

Edamame and Uncle Paul's bread; grape tomatoes, home-grown mung bean sprouts, egg salad, fresh kale and a few kalamata olives.


  1. YEAH!!!! You will have to post and let us know how well the HK bento was recieved! :) You did a great job packing it as well - magnificent!

  2. Kitty was received well, and actually helped solve a network problem...