Friday, April 3, 2009

Bento for my Baby Boy!!

My oldest baby boy came home for a surprise visit Friday! He practically gave me a heart attack showing up at my work office with no advance warning and having spread disinformation "No I can't come home this break - too busy!". I flashed through so many emotions seeing his beloved self appear around the corner: shock, fear (has he quit med school or something?!), joy, worry (I have work to do), on & on the emotional roller coaster that is loving someone absolutely and having a hostage to Fortune.

I made him a snack bento to take back to St. Louis:

This means that my 'healing of nature' bento is gone south temporarily - I'll maybe retrieve it.

But like all true fanatics, I tried to convert my son to the bento obsession. I told him to bring it to the lab with him, "just put rice in one layer and carrots in the other; you'll be glad you did! No plastic bags, no mess, great food."

I wonder if he will. I'm guessing, probably not. But I could be wrong.

He and Gabey (dog in above photo) are best friends and champion nap takers-together. So both dudes had a great visit involving some z's. Good times.


  1. HOW AWESOME! What a wonderful surprise! I hope you get to spend some quality time w your son before he has to go back!

    Say bye bye to your bento box! You will never see it again! LOL!!!

  2. Avie, we watched "Wall-E!" together and I loved it. He picked out the movie. I agree - 'healing of nature' bento is probably history. leaving a gap in my bento collection; what on earth will I do??!

  3. Ryn: I love these dogs! Perfect little companions and always happy, in that mysterious way.