Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Morning Bento Factory

Today's bentos show the results of a terrific Co-op shopping trip yesterday morning early.

Our co-op gets crowded at times so I try to sneak in before the mob of organic moms and Birkenstock dads and vitamin-chomping robust seniors and super-articulate kids flood the aisles (how many stereotypes can I get in before 8 a.m.?). Seriously, yesterday one little toddler said to his mother: "If I behave cooperatively all the way home, what will I get?" He could not have been talking for more than 6 months and he can use 6-syllable words? His mom said, "We have already had this conversation." And he then shut up. Miracle.

Anyway my biggest score was the curry lentil stuff that is the anchor of today's lunch. You literally just pour boiling water over it and you have your curry lentil dish. This would be such great horse-camping food. It tastes fantastic.

So I made some fresh sweet basmati rice this morning to go with it, and then realized I couldn't give Jan both lentils and rice - too carby for him - so I am the only rice bento today.

Otherwise we have snappy little green Castelvetano olives (never heard of them but they are dynamite), teensy organic tangerines that just made me think BENTO when I spotted them, ribbon-cut raw carrots, gorgeous radishes that are so cool and sweet, strawberries that were on sale but still not cheap, cheese, Jan gets half a hard-boiled egg, I get walnuts, Pocky in our lids thanks to Avie who pointed out this handy substitute for chopsticks!

Happy Monday to everyone!


  1. I loves your description of the people at the market! So funny!!! It makes me think about the Asian store I visit in OKC... the only 'white' people there are these silver-haired hippies... and.... me. :)

  2. I am really jealous of you about that store. Gearing up to go to Minneapolis/St. Paul now that our local Asian store folded.