Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baked Spring Rolls: The Movie!

Well today I made baked spring rolls and I also made a little movie about the process. I was trying to avoid uploading 12 separate photos of my process. The spring rolls are awesome! Except I could not find fresh plums so I made the plum sauce with prunes. It turned out well, with a nice creamy consistency. But would for sure have been better if I'd had nice juicy plums.

Here's my movie:

For the filling I had chopped cabbage, carrot, and green onion, diced up firm tofu, and ginger. I fried all this in a tiny amount of sesame oil.

And then I was able to send some home with these two angels:

My son Brian and his girlfriend Carly, who headed back to Madison just an hour ago.

I also gave Carly a bento box filled with road snacks!! They have great Asian groceries in Madison...


  1. Now I am going to be singing "I have decided to follow Jesus" all day! LOL!!

    Great movie!!! Now, I am inspired to try to do a slideshow movie like that too! I love it!

    .... no turning back... no turning back!!!

  2. LOL Avie I have only a few songs on my computer that Windows Movie Maker does not reject, and most of them are instrumental gospel. I do not know why unless my computer is a fan...

  3. I bet you thought no one would know that song, eh? Especially me! XD!!

  4. I was impressed you ID's it from just one minute of it with no lyrics!