Tuesday, April 21, 2009

YAY!! Avie's Treat Box Arrived!! NomNom Nom

A magical mystery package arrived yesterday and it was filled with delights! I won Avie's bento giveaway by whining about my birthday, which made me feel guilty later but what a lovely outcome. This gorgeous collection of nommy and fragrant treats will give us great joyluck and happiness:

We haz little candies:

We haz little cakes:

We haz this little dude who appears to be wearing a cookpot on his head:

And we haz bubble tea in several varieties:

A device for turning a hot dog into a crab (I think):

which I cannot wait to try.

What a barrel of fun!! Avie, I've said it before and I'll say it again; You are Simply the Best!

Now I need to pay it forward and have a giveaway myself! And by the way, do you think Tina Turner has such great legs because she eats bento?


  1. YEAH!!! i am so glad it got there safe!!! Yes, that little device is to make crab companions for your octo-dogs! Ha ha! I thought you would get a kick out of it! ^^

    Keep rockin' the bento!!!!!

    That taro Bubble Tea doesnt have sweetener added - so you can add light sugar or splenda and you might like that better than the over-sweet mango type you got from Pirate's Cove (I think that is what it was called)!!!!

    *huge hugs* I am so glad you liked it all! Happy belated b-day!!!