Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Snack Bento; Jan Gets None

Today Jan has to eat his bento from yesterday because he went out to lunch with his group of lunch buddies yesterday. I hope his crackers aren't stale after sitting in the fridge at work all night.

My bento in the extraterrestrial ghost rabbit box from China is just a snack because I have a short day today. It's a good size snack though!

Mini-corn muffins, egg salad, a radish wall between them; carrots, walnuts, and grapes.

Our employer offers us $60 to fill out an online "Wellness Assessment" every year (and I'm sure they hope we'll be horrified into getting weller and using less health insurance). I was glad to see that the general addition of bento into our diet has resulted in more raw vegetables and fruit consumed, less meat, some weight loss from last year same time, and a complete lack of desire to share my inmost thoughts with some faceless 'wellness' corporation. "Do you experience anxiety in the workplace?" I ain't sayin.

But $60 will buy about 4 bento boxes!!!!!! No I'm quitting that; I have plenty. Famous last words.


  1. you have plenty??? riiiiiiiiiiiight!!!! methinks ur in denial! ;)

    That is so funny about how you thought about the $60 in terms of bento. I did the same thing last night - I packed a dinner instead of using my per diem to buy dinner - and my reward? I will use that $$ to buy a new furoshiki! LOL!!!

  2. You have your priorities right I'd say!!

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  4. I think you have been spammed! X__X

  5. Avie, he must have heard about my superior Spam musubi!