Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How Bento Changed my Dinner Habits

Before I got into making bento lunches, I never really thought about the colors of food. Oh I must have noticed them sometimes but now I am obsessed with color and texture. This dinner started out as the square of egg casserole and a ?? about what else to add. It ended up with beautiful green kale sauteed in sesame oil, cherry tomatoes, a baby zucchini I threw in the skillet after the kale and made just barely tender, cute little olives, and two lovely radishes. Woot.

Benefits of bento just keep on coming! This morning before work I am going to ride a horse and walk the dogs. It's finally getting warm enough so that these activities don't sound like torture!

Happy Wednesday to you!!


  1. What a gorgeous plate! Yeah for beautiful vegetables!

    Happy Earth Day!!

  2. Earth Day!!
    Thanks!! Loved your kittehs eating steam buns.