Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Hel-LOH KITTEH!" Part 2

NQBR (not quite bento-related!) but I couldn't resist posting this photo of my horse John with Orangey the barn cat. Orangey just showed up one day and he has had an adventurous career - he got lured into a crate, hauled off the vet and neutered; he got lured into a crate again and vetted for a cold or something, he got a fleece blankie made for him by my friend Kathy, he disappears for days on end and then suddenly he's back, and he loves certain horses.

This picture is from Saturday morning early when the barn was quiet, that is before the onslaught of young girls who make it a zoo on weekends. I made myself a Saturday bento so that when I came home all hungry from horsey fun, I would not just grab random food items:

There's a piece of roast chicken, two gyoza, carrots, snow peas, and radish; then sweet pickles, a babybel cheese, nuts, and a brownie bite. It was grand.