Sunday, June 28, 2009

I won the Lottery (cherries anyway)


3 3-stemmed cherries in one little batch of these delicious Queen Annes!

I am sure there is a truck full of money somewhere, just driving around,looking for my address. Soon to be unbelievably rich my friends! Dozens of bentos for everyone! I'll fly everyone to Minneapolis and we can dine at Sakura, the best Japanese restaurant in the cities. Then we'll go online and order the kyootest bentos we can find.

Or heck, let's just all fly to Tokyo and shop in person!!

I can dream...

Meanwhile here's my Friday bento of enormous spinach:

I stir-fried a huge amount of sesame spinach and thought we'd have leftovers for dinner. But by cramming, I managed to fit it all in my bento. It became like a spinach brick. I used the partition to compress it and this got all the water out too, a big plus. Just one little problem, which was, that it all came out at once on my desk at work when I went to eat it. Splop. Hello spinach on my papers!

It was good though. This bento also had pinto bean salad, my last pandan cake, sugar snap peas and a fresh apricot.

What lies ahead for the week??! Making porketta roast in the crockpot today. I think porketta roast is a regional meat; it is rolled out, heavily spiced, then rolled up and tied before sale at supermarkets.

When we first moved to the midwest, we had not heard of it, and in a supermarket we saw "Porketta! Great midnight snack!' and we laughed thinking of people eating pork at midnight, gnawing away like Pleistocene cavemen. Well years later, it's true; great midnight snack. Addictive.


  1. Be sure to blog about the porketta - I have never heard of it! I will have to ask my friend in Farmington. I have heard of scrapple and I KNOW you guys have lutefisk! I saw that bizarre stuff at your state fair!

    Happy monday! :)

  2. Alas we do have lutefisk. It's a regional food embarassment. Fish soaked in lye, covered with gelatinous lemon sauce, aaaakkkkk....