Thursday, June 18, 2009

過ぎる Hello Kitteh Overload?!

Is there such a thing as too much Hello Kitty junk? What are the symptoms? Because I should be manifesting them right about now.

These pretty bird stamps:

...were on my package from:

...which contained:


I cannot wait to cute-overload this HK bento with a little HK sauce container and place it in the HK carry bag and wig out. My co-workers would be so jealous if they only knew how cute and cool this is! Alas they just think I have entered into some senile second childhood and they smirk. The lummoxes; all guys. But they have asked me to make gyoza for a brunch they're having! So I guess I am somewhat cool or maybe just a tool.

Anyway the set of HK boxes is so cute, and I am tempted to say right out that the biggest one is for dessert...but maybe I'll try to sneak that one by.

The Ebay seller for these desirable items is 'HongKong Outlet' which has a special Hello Kitty store and is very terrific to deal with - cheery polite messages and fast reasonable shipping, automatic combined shipping, just a pleasure and great prices.

And just for fun: our college dean resigned after settting the college in some turmoil, and her secretary posted this sign on the dean's door:

...which I think shows moxie. What do you think?


  1. That's a lot of cuteness to come in 1 package. Funny license plate. Had the outgoing dean already vacated the office?

  2. No, soon-to-be-ex dean continues through the end of June, and apparently has seen the sign but said nothing. Our secretaries are unionized and pretty much unafraid! But even so, this caused a lot of !!?!.

  3. SO JEALOUS!!! I love it all!! I especially love the red 2-tier box! I have bought from Hong Kong Outlet too - and they are always awesome!

    Great signage. I need one! ;)


  4. You can never have too much Hello Kitty! :)

  5. Susan, totally agree!! Why is Hello Kitty so magical??!!