Monday, June 8, 2009

Message from a Bento Box

Several of my bento boxes have little speeches on them, and today's bento is an example:

This somewhat co-dependent sounding message made me wonder: Who is talking here?

How would the Japanese schoolchild, for whom this box was probably intended, interpret the speaker of this message?

Would it be Mom, offering to bring things? A generic 'friend' being helpful and solicitous? The offer invites someone to "write and tell me", so we can infer they are at some distance. It is also odd because -- who writes when they can pick up a cell phone?

Today I am bringing one of my umeboshi filled onigiri, mushroom cookies, grapes, peach, 2 blackberries, some sugar snap peas and a sliced up white radish. Kind of weird but I am facing a weird day: my summer class starts this morning (Philosophy of Religion! one of my favorites) and I have a meeting with an administrator who is going to ask me a big favor, and I want to say no, but am not good at that, not at all. So, grrr, a little nerve-wracked. I should ask my bento-person to bring me some courage.


  1. You gotta LOVE the engrish on bento boxes! It always makes no sense but makes me smile! HEY!!! I'm going to speak engrish to you and maybe it will bring you some smiles for the day... HERE WE GO *clears throat*

    Bringing to you the brave! Luck today will being! Together memories are happiness!

    LOL! Good luck with summer school and your meeting today! Philosophy of Religion sounds interesting! I always loved summer school when i was in college... ahhh, I sorta miss those days... SORTA!

  2. Avie, your message saved me! I laughed so hard - I was really relaxed for my meeting and I 'just said no', thereby dodging a workload bullet of major proportions. So domo arrigato my cyber bentopal!!

  3. YEAH!!!! I am glad I was able to bring you a happy moment today!! And GOOD FOR YOU!! I have a hard time telling people no myself! ^^

  4. Cute bento box, love the message on the box too! :D