Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Little Bento... the "black sheep shopping trip" bento box, was so nice. It was satisfying but still I was able to go work out at the gym about 45 minutes after I ate it. It had two of my black sesame ume onigiri with sugar snap peas tucked around them, sesame kale, part of a chicken andouille sausage, home grown spicy sprouts, cherry tomatoes and a babybel cheese.

No dessert though, and I was feelin the need. I'm going to have to invent the 3-layer bento box with dedicated dessert compartment. Or maybe I could become less of a greedy sweet tooth!!


  1. So what are spicy spouts? I saw them in Whole Foods the other night... are they more 'spicy' than other sprouts?

  2. Well they have a bit more flavor but 'spicy' is a little of an overstatement. They include radish seeds, alfalfa, some little bean things like baby lentils, etc. and they are easy to grow at home. Or you can get them pre-grown. I like them because the flavor range is wider than plain alfalfa sprouts. "lively" rather than "spicy" I think...

  3. Okay, I think I know what you mean... more 'zesty'! Maybe I will pick them up next time I see them... I dont think I can attempt to grow my own yet... I seem to kill all house plants... and outdoor plants too! TT__TT