Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June is Spa Month at Casa Mia

So I have declared June to be a month of health and exercise and right eating, in which bentos will play a major role. It's spa month! I'm going to start every day with a juice of the raw things pictured above: carrots, a small apple, fresh ginger, a small lemon, and some rhubarb. this is very tasty - I'm always surprised how much sweetness that one little apple contributes.

Then I have a few other "include" resolutions, such as dark green leafy vegetables as in today's bento:

Kale sauteed in sesame oil, a chicken andouille sausage with dill pickle sections on lobster skewers, some neat hot sauce in the little container, cute mochi, pink grapefruit, and wasabi peas.

Sriracha hot chili sauce is my latest craving; I wake up thinking about it. It's great on greens, chips, meat, celery, eggs, you name it. Not firy hot, and very flavorful.

And then there's:

My new exercise coach Jillian... 30 Days of Shred! At the end she says 'You have just been shredded". Jillian is just sinister enough to be intimidating, as in "Don't you dare think about taking a break!" I love it. There are 3 levels and I will probably content myself with level 1 for quite a time; it is enough.

Also plan to take the dogs for a one hour walk 4 days a week. Plan already being implemented; doggies exhausted the rest of the day.

Daily bento, some cooking experiments, and drink lots of water.

So that's my June Spa Month plan. Hope I stick to it.


  1. So you make a juice from those raw veggies? Even the ginger??? Do you have a juicer or do you use a blender?

    The exercise vid looks brutal!!! But I am proud of you for being healthy! Keep it up!

  2. Avie, I have a juicer, and old cheapie from Target, and it does a great job! Yes the ginger and all, everything goes into the juicer and it comes out this wonderful fresh tasting beverage.