Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2 Summer Bentos of Leftovers!

Jan's bento has the leftover shrimp ceviche from Sunday dinner, along with two rice balls, a fresh apricot sliced, a heart shaped jello jiggler made with no-cal jello, and underneath the juggler is a chocolate in foil.

The shrimp ceviche was a first for me and it was super! it's a cross between a salad and a seafood cocktail, and the spin is supposed to be that the seafood is not actually cooked but just marinates in lime (or other citrus) juice for several hours in the fridge. Not being very brave about raw, I used cooked shrimp and cut the marinating time. Next time I want to try scallops as well.

There are many different ceviches, as many as the Caribbean islands they come from; some add tomato juice and make them almost soupy, some use a fresh tomato sauce, some entirely leave out tomato. Other ingredients are: cucumber, cilantro, a little olive oil, serrano chiles, crispy sweet banana pepper, daikon or white radish, salt and pepper, halved grape tomatoes. Yum, what a cool and low-fat summer dish!

My bento also had leftovers:

A salad with baby greens and blue cheese crumbles, sesame rice balls, apricot, tomatoes and broccoli. This bento had too little protein and I was hungry in two hours. I went rummaging around my office for Anything Edible and found a 2 year old package of pistachios which a student had brought me from a Greece trip. Well, they were still pretty darn good!!

Hail to leftovers!! I find I am planning on them now and making extra - makes the mornings much easier.


  1. Yummy yummy!!! I love light refreshing summer foods! I lol'd about the 2 yr old Greek nuts... funny stuff! ^^

  2. Avie, I'm sure they were waaay better 2 years ago!!