Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting the Proportions Right

I think I am getting a little better at the proportions of bento lunches. My tendency is to make the protein and sweet parts too large, short changing the vegetable/fruit and carb/rice parts. In this one I think I almost got it 4-3-2-1 just right!

And maybe this one too:

Two little workday bentos for summer. The cherries are fantastic this year! Hope everyone is enjoying the fruit abundance of the season.


  1. I do that too!! I always pack too much fruit and then I feel like I have a sweet-overload bento! :S

    Great looking bento, as always! ^^

  2. But you pack fruit, I pack dessert! Wait till you see the Hello Kitty! box set I got today, and now I have to decide about the biggest box: dessert, or....MORE DESSERT?

  3. Very artistic. Looks like a lot of food, but must be deceiving. I just received my first 3 bento boxes. Very cute...and very small! Can I have 1 box for protein, 1 box for sweets, 1 box for carbs...and I'll just skip the fruits and veggies? But seriously, is one box meant for an entire lunch? They'll certainly work for portion control...of which I desperately need practice.

    I like your fish box.