Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mr. Bento's Babe Again Today!

It is a miso soup day so Mr. Bento to the rescue! There's no better way to bring soup to work. I got this beee-yootiful miso that I was so craving yesterday, so today my wish is granted.

I not only started teaching summer class yesterday but I also started an exercise class on campus at noon. This exercise class now! I knew I was in trouble when a nice lady asked me if I'd ever been to this class before, and when I said No, she proceeded to give me extensive advice about how to avoid injuring myself.

These people are hard core. It is called "Cardio Blast" and it requires stepping up on little plastic platforms, hopping over them, skipping around trying not to crash into the lady behind you, etc. then performing acrobatics on a big plastic ball like a trained seal, then privately dying inside.

So after this ordeal I was needing miso soup. What is it about miso that is so wonderful and comforting? It always brings a glow to my life.

In Mr. Bento besides soup I have: fried rice with cilantro, a veggie cup with spicy sprouts, cucumber-ginger tsukemono, a coupel tomatoes and a couple of olives, and a pandan cake.

These green Vietnamese Twinkies are so good! They are actually far better than Twinkies: very slim cream layer, a little crust of sugar on the outside, a flavor like pineapple and coconut combined. Pandan is a weird looking fruit I had never heard of before; I got these in Madison and wish I'd bought a case. How many exercise classes would that represent?!



    I think you need to post how you make your miso soup. I need help bigtime!!! I buy that same exact miso too! How long will it stay in the fridge, do you know?

  2. Miso is really stable because it's fermented, so it basically lasts forever unless it dries out. I will post my various amateur soup making methods!! We should compare notes. All I know for sure is that if you boil miso it gets bitter, so once you have added the miso to the already boiled up other stuff, you only simmer it on warm for awhile to blend the flavors.

  3. Sounds like you had a full day & a very tempting bento.

  4. WitchBaby: Yes, it was terrific! I had thought I would make this lunch into lunch plus afternoon snack but somehow I managed to eat it all at once. Funny how that happens!

  5. Beautiful bento, love the carrot sun too. :)