Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hasty Bento for a Thursday

Jan's bento for today had to be fast, because we were up late at his birthday dinner and watching "Flatliners" to celebrate. How appropriate for his X0'th birthday, to watch a movie about people visiting the afterlife! That didn't occur to me until this morning...

Anyway I had wanted to make inari zushi but that is going to have to wait. (I bought some ready made tofu pockets in Madison and froze them; we'll see how they do after freezing.)

Anyway one of my favorite hurry-up bentos involves tortilla wraps in whatever way. today they have cream cheese, soy vegetarian "taco filling" which is amazingly good, and spicy sprouts. I stuffed little sugar snap peas in amongst the pinwheels, and added a container of hot chili sauce.

I also made him some white peach and lime salsa which smells heavenly, and put in some celery for dipping. Peanut butter pretzels with a few recreational wasabi peas, in the lid of bear bento and he is ready for the day!!


  1. What brand is the soy taco meat? As a former vegetarian, I have tried a lot of expensive and gross soy products.

    I think your tofu pockets will be fine in the freezer! Mine are in the freezer section at my asian store... so if they put them there... I am sure yours will be fine too! Did you get fresh or canned?

  2. Avie, the soy taco stuff is in the bulk bin - I think there's a label on it so I will look next time I'm there. You would love this stuff; it always surprises me how good it is and how much like a slightly less greasy taco ground beef.

    The tofu pockets were in a plastic wrap package in the refrigerated section of the Asian grocery. I have never found the canned ones. I love the idea of a little package of nummy sushi rice goodness, wrapped in fried tofu!!

  3. Looks delicious. I like wasabi peas! My stepkids don't like to eat them, but they like to say "wasabi peas" over and over and then giggle. Ok, I'm taking the plunge today. I've set a goal to purchase a bento box. I have lots on ebay that I'm "watching". Just have to choose.

  4. OnceUpon, there is something child-humorish about 'wasabi peas'...You go on the bento purchase! You are joining the most elite group of maniacs on the planet.