Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bean Salad Bento

FrenchBento made a pinto bean salad that gave me this idea, although typically, hers was fancy with roasted and ground hazelnuts and various other things. I took away just the idea that pinto beans would make a nice salad base; I added chopped carrot, green onion, olive oil and lemon juice. It was really nice on a hot day at work. It's resting on a bed of baby greens from my very first farm-share box of the summer!! Woo hoo; organic veggies commence.

Next to it is a chicken andouille sausage which I quick-fried for a few minutes, and then added champagne-dill mustard mixed with a little water to simmer for a bit. This was really great! I love mustard and we want to visit the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum some day - it isn't very far away. And: I just like the idea of there being a mustard museum.

In the other half is a fresh organic apricot, some cherry tomatoes, a babybel cheddar, two heart shaped jello jigglers, and a Vietnamese black coffee candy which was dynamite.

Every year I plant a few flowers around in the yard and see what manages not to die. This year the chicken planter really took off:

My gardening is very random. Hope your summer is going well and your flowers are all blooming!!


  1. YUM! I love cold bean salad! I make something like this with navy beans! The mustard museum sounds like a blast - I would go with you if I lived out there! LOL! Food Nerds FTW!

    Your flowers are great! I never plant flowers as I kill them within days! D:

  2. Oh that would be so neat, to go with Avie to the Mustard Museum!! Food Nerd Pilgrimage...