Friday, July 3, 2009

A Few Summer Bentos

Dill pickle potato salad, broccoli salad with toasted sunflower seeds, a little roll of turkey pastrami, golden tomatoes, Queen Anne and dark cherries, and a chocolate truffle. I loved this lunch!

This was Jan's bento on the same day; different only on having Pocky in the lid, and more meat.

These bentos featured spinach quiche, and rhubarb crisp. Yumbly yum.

And finally here is the little deer who stared into my eyes for the longest time yesterday; we met on the dog walk, as she was about to make a suicide run across a busy street.

Deer are so weird. I don't much care for them because they eat everyone's plants and flowers, but they have a certain mysterious quality: that animal mystery.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to see a post by you again! I have missed u!

    Good looking lunches and that deer is way awesome! Yar - animals do some strange things... like they will run from you if you are 1000 ft away but they will charge right into a moving vehicle... WTB?