Thursday, July 9, 2009


Is there anything better? Good for you, no calories or fat, taste like heaven. I got these at a roadside stand yesterday and they had such a fragrance. The guy selling them seemed depressed; I guess they were so ripe they could hardly last out the day, and it must be sad to stand there and watch your strawberries go over to the dark side, while people drive by talking on their cell phones and eating fast food out of styrofoam cartons...

Anyway I froze a bunch of these, gave some to my neighbor, and had a little strawberry festival all to myself.

Jan's bento on Wednesday looked like this:

Brown basmati rice, pork stir fry, tamagoyaki, turkey sausage rounds with a sauce container of Sriracha to dip them in, a few grape tomatoes, dark sweet cherries, a babybel cheese, a few peanut butter pretzels, and a vanilla mousse chocolate wafer.

Kind of too much protein, but for Jan's diabetes the rice has to be kept to a minimum - rice really makes his blood sugar go sky high. It's too bad because so much good & cute bento stuff is rice based. Kind of too much sweets too! This wasn't a very well planned lunch. Optimal for him is protein and vegetables, a small bit of carbs, that kind of thing.


  1. Yeah for strawberries! You got a huge heap of them! NOM NOM!

    Your tamagoyaki looks great! ME WANTS

  2. Avie, I bought a super cute little tamagoyaki skillet, which I am still working on correct use of, but it is just so cute!! About as big as a paperback book, rectangular...

  3. Such beautiful strawberries! Great bento... I wish I could find brown basmati rice here.