Monday, July 13, 2009

Octo-Dog Jim's Flamingo Vegas Gogo

(Props to Avie for naming the bento below!!)

Yesterday I wanted to make pink onigiri so I did my research on the internet. Found JustBento's description of how to color rice naturally and saw that it was good.

However I didn't think I could get the red cabbage grated fine enough to 'disappear' in the rice, and JustBento uses an implement I don't own - a kind of grating stick that really pulverizes the thing being grated. Looks like a great kitchen tool.

BUT: I went prospecting in the cupboard and found some 1000-year old red food coloring that must hark back to some elementary school project my boys did...I don't have the slightest recollection of buying it.

The result, from using too much of this probably radioactive chemical, is these hot-pink onigiri that remind me of Vegas showgirl costumes. Each of these excessively fat onigiri (I keep overstuffing the molds) has a lovely salty red umeboshi in its middle.

Here's the little Kitty Bento I made this morning:

Vegas onigiri, pork gyoza (also made yesterday), two little octodogs in space wondering how they ended up in Vegas hungover, cherry tomatoes, furikake for Vegas in the little pink bear? container, dipping sauce for the gyoza in Little Kitty, a green-tea mochi in the heart, a Lindor chocolate truffle, and a can of pink guava juice.

This particular brand of guava juice, or this lot perhaps, tastes a little like a high school locker room smells, much as I try to pretend otherwise because the can is so cute. It's an effort to drink it, but I manage because I am a mindslave to cuteness.


  1. NO WAY!!!!!! I can't believe how insanely cute this lunch is!!!! I adore it!! I shall give this OUTSTANDING bento lunch a name!! The title of this lunch shall be: Octo-Dog Jim's Flamingo Vegas Gogo

    Have a great Tuesday!!!! I am off to an educator's conference - yippee... should be sooooo much fun.... (oozing sarcasm)

  2. LOL! Mindslave to cuteness...aren't we all???

  3. LOL!! I can't stop laffing! XD

  4. I love this post - you are the abso greatest at putting a smile on a reader's face. Thank you!

  5. This is a clever name. You turned Hello Kitty into a show girl. Very cute.

    I've been acquiring bento things, but haven't taken summoned the energy to try an make something. I did buy a sushi cookbook yesterday. It has pretty pictures.