Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Sunshine Bento

I see Blogger has decided this image should appear sideways. Can't figure out what to do about that so...

Yesterday the sun came out fiercely for awhile, and even though it was still frakkin cold (BSG technical term here), some students around campus wore a touch of summer. I saw: young lady in flip flops and a down jacket; young lady in Ugg boots, shorts, and a full length wool coat; young man barefoot and in shorts, with goose bumps and slightly blue knees.

This is a time honored ritual in northern Minnesota: Welcome Spring! We are uncomfortable in these summer duds but we are bull headed and dang it we are wearing them regardless.

My sideways bento has: gyoza which I made myself!, umeboshi onigiri, broccoli, home-made yogurt with also home-made cranberry topping yumty yum, and a nice big orange in the sunshine. In bento lid: a Fig Newton. Good times for a Monday!!


  1. Beautiful lunch! Is that a new bento box I see? How many do you have now? *sigh* we have a big frakking problem, don't we!? ;)

  2. Avie, I had to go count them and there are uhhhh errrmmm blush 12 of them at the moment, but a Hello Kitty! is on its way from China which will amount to an unlucky 13 and require adding one more for happyluck.

  3. 12

    think I have 12 in my 'give away'/swap pile

  4. Eilismaura: I gotta go shopping now....thanks! :)

  5. always glad to be an enabler