Friday, March 20, 2009

Ethnic Mixup Bento

I woke up this morning after confused dreams about my Southern childhood, with a craving for some of those foods like corn bread and fried chicken. The result is this bento for Jan which has gyoza, sweet peppers stuffed with nice mustardy egg salad like my mother used to make it, asparagus and strawberries, Pocky in the lid, and mini corn muffins on the side.

A big tradition was the summer 'family reunion', and everyone brought their best cooking to this event. How I miss those incredible afternoons, where the only danger was that someone's coconut cake frosting would melt in the Florida heat, or Uncle someone would fall off the porch drunk. Those were the days.

My bento for today is just like his:

except no Pocky because this bento box doesn't have a lid compartment. :(


  1. FL - thank you for sharing about your family reunions! That brought back memories for me!
    I remember sitting in the tool shed watching smoke bellow from the row of charcoal grills, drinking cold pop right out of the can and watching all the people who I didn't know - but were someone related to me - get drunk on cheap beer! :)

  2. Wasn't it grand? The friendly competition over who could make the best fried chicken or peach pie - how I wish I'd gotten more recipes from these ladies. Avie I hope you are feeling better girlfriend!!