Monday, March 16, 2009

Musubi Monday!

Spam musubi! Legendary fast food of Hawaii, eaten by President Obama, available at convenience stores on Oahu; ever since I heard of it I have been jonesing to make it and eat it.

I was out of nori; there's supposed to be a pretty nori ribbon around the middle of each one so, fail there. But I think these are going to be interesting.

Jan and I have a thing for Spam. It's not so much the taste; but there's something cute about it. We have visited the Spam museum in Austin MN. We have lusted for jalapeno Spam and found it hard to locate. We own Spam t-shirts. So this snack is Destiny for me.

There are variations in musubi recipes; some call for browning the Spam in soy sauce and brown sugar; some call for sprinkling furikake over the rice; some or most really have the Spam in the middle and rice on the outside. I chose to brown the Spam with nothing on a nonstick fry pan, no furikake, and two Spam layers around the sushi rice.

Getting the other lid off the Spam can was the hardest part:

You can see how I struggled. I ended up using a kitchen shears; the can opener just couldn't get a purchase. You use the can for a mold, and wetting it on the inside makes the musubi slide right out once done.

Here's Jan's bento of the day:

He has: Spam musubi, egg salad cup, sweet pepper rings around cherry tomatoes, a sweet pepper stuffed with Cajun smoked gouda cheese, and a rollup of Savoy cabbage around dill pickles spread with mustard; asparagus with olive oil and spice marinade, and a brownie bite.

The pickle thing struck me as 'brilliant':

All morning the mustard and the Savoy leaf will have a little flavor conversation.

Here's my bento for today:

Very similar except mine is a strawberry and asparagus salad: my favorite spring salad hands down. Lightly steamed asparagus, really almost underdone, with salt, olive oil, a sprinkle of black pepper and strawberries. Simple and perfect. It just hollers spring at me whenever I taste it. I squeeze the lime over it just before eating; if you add lemon or lime juice earlier, it can cause the asparagus to yellow (still tastes fine but isn't as pretty).

Happy spring and Happy Spam!!

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  1. Let me know how your musubi tastes! I tried it awhile ago and failed. I used plain rice and it was very bland. I think your idea of using sushi rice will be very good. I want to attempt it again soon using fried rice - what do you think? I think with some scrambled egg - it will fix nice with the SPAM!!

    Oh, I want to know more about this SPAM obsession too! ^^

    Great looking bento as usual, sister! :)