Monday, March 23, 2009

Food Coloring

I'm pretty happy with how colorful Jan's bento is today, partially thanks to the violent-red marshmallow Peep - heavens I love these things! I think they are filled with secret vitamins. I'm glad they are just seasonal though. If I could eat them all the time I would come to resemble one.

Jan is getting: gyoza and pork roast, broccoli, grapes, a little whaley full of soy/mirin sauce for the gyoza, cherry tomato and sweet pepper 'flowers', and Mr. Peep in all his glory surrounded by Easter colored M&M's.

Happy Monday and Happy Bento!


  1. YEAH FOR PEEPS! I must confess that I bought a pack of orange peeps for hubby's lunches this week. He loves peeps and he loves orange!

  2. Jan wanted the orange ones first! Somehow we ended up picking red instead. I'm sure these colorings are very beneficial to our health. If our hubbies become radioactive, we'll have to rethink this.