Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Pad Thai with Substitutions

At 5 this morning I decided to make Pad Thai for Jan's bento. Here's my thought process lying in bed in the dark:

"What goes into pad thai? I have some noodles, shrimp, chili sauce, blah blah...I bet I could make that this morning! I'll get a recipe on the internet!"

Looking up a recipe I had to realize what I did not have on hand, so my 'pad thai' is pretty unorthodox. No rice noodles, substitute soba. No fresh coriander, sub in fresh cilantro. No tamarind, but apparently this is a common plight for cooks because I got about 100 hits searching for "don't have tamarind?" Lime juice with brown sugar is the standard fallback.

Anyhoo it was fun to make and too easy so I think I might have come across a nonstandard recipe with shortcuts. Oh well! It smells great.

Jan also has: a salad, some cucumber slices with ume plum vinegar, and King Peep in all his glory. TGIF bento babes!!


  1. You are so ambitious first thing in the morning!! Hats off to ya!!

    YEAH TGIF!!!! Too bad we are supposed to get snow today... what a draaaaag!!!!!

  2. You too with the snow??! The rhubarb is coming up in my garden!!

  3. Incredibly, the Bento Babe continues to amaze. The cukes were... cukelicious!! and the Pad was heavenly...