Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bento Shopping Snack

Saturday we had many weary shopping-type errands, and I am not a very hardy shopper so I packed us a snack bento:

I was thrilled to discover that an English muffin fits perfectly ( with just a little smooshing!) into each layer of this Chinese bento box which has two little ghost-looking creature-heads on it and says


beside them. I fried tofu slices in some sesame oil and put a thin layer of Dijon mustard on each muffin side, plus lettuce. It was terrific! We needed them after being overwhelmed by the entire wall of flip flops which had appeared in Target:

There were two young ladies trying them on furiously, and one said to the other,

"I go through a pair of flip flops in a month".

Does she run marathons in them?

But O how I wish I had a 6-year old daughter who could wear these!

Can't you just see these, standing at the bus stop, all of life ahead of them, ready for mud puddles and spring?


  1. I have these boxes and the matching boxes (2 tier and onigiri) - bought them on Ebay because they were promoted as "UFO"

    So the little things on the box are either rabbits or aliens or ghosts

    Maybe they are ghosts of extraterrestrial rabbits!

  2. Ghosts of extraterrestrial rabbits!!! I love that. They do have that eerie look.

  3. OMG! I thought they were aliens a first too but I think they are supposed to be rabbits! ^^ So funny!!!

    I wish those boots came in a woman's size 7!