Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Koi Bento!

I love this fishy but I can see he has one drawback: no inner lids, so this yogurt might prove to have been a mistake. Cold sesame udon, shoyu tamago, red chard with daikon butterfly; home-made yogurt (yay!) with cranberry topping, cookie-cake from Asian grocery in Madison. Picture me trying to get this to the car, to campus, and to my office without tilting it even the tiniest bit. A challenge.


  1. FL - How about using a bit of Glad Press N Seal wrap over the yogurt cup? That is what I do and it works really well!

    I love this bento box! It is my favorite!


  2. Avie, you have the best ideas. This koi bento is so cute it just makes me smile all the time!!