Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Thai Restaurant Bento!

How good is this?

1. New Thai restaurant within walking distance of my house.

2. Food and atmosphere are both super. Spring salad rolls - oh my were these terrific.

3. Proprietor is giving FREE Thai cooking classes every Sunday, and a new series of 4 classes starts this Sunday - we are going to be there! You get to eat what you cook. This Sunday it's sauces and basic herbs.

4. Our waiter introduced himself and shook hands after the meal, and said he'd be looking for us again now that he knows Jan likes his food super-hot.

5. We had leftover green curry beef for our bentos this morning.

6. We had dessert of fresh cut mango and sticky coconut rice that was so good it could almost make you cry.

Also in the bentos today are cheese and parsley microwave omelettes from JustBento's recipe file. These cooked up just as described but when rolled in paper towel to set, they did stick. I'd use the plastic wrap next time. We also have salad with baby greens, grapes, and sakura flowers of cheese, a little stick of smoked mozzarella 9Jan liked yesterday) and Jolly Jelly to cheer us up through the budget crisis that's raging on my campus.

Oh and Jan expressed a desire to take Mr. Panda Bento to work so he will. For the picture I put crazy teeth on him or maybe he's just been eating bamboo...


  1. That panda bento will be mine some day!!! I cant stand how cute it is!!!

    You are so lucky! I want to go to Thai cooking classes!!! Please take pics while you are there - if you can and blog about it! I would love to see what it is like! :)

  2. Will do! You need this panda - he holds just the right amount of food, has a seal lid on lower tier, has a movable divider on upper tier, and cheers up everyone who sees him!! However I think Jan has stolen him from me...:(