Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Double Trouble Bento

Two different bentos: mine is the panda and Jan gets the pretty butterflies, just for a change from industrial Mr. Bento.

There is: fried rice, sesame and hot-oil fried red cabbage, quail eggs, veggies, daikon butterflies and their outlines, steak strips, a chunk of smoked mozzarella,
soy bottles, and a cake or cookie for me (love the sweets!).

I love these little animal picks:

A sweetness comes from having many different bento boxes and possibilities. I love the idea of lunch made beautiful and environmentally sound and nutritious...in a panda bento!! Life is good indeed.


  1. Give me that panda box NOW!!! LOL! SOOO cute!! And the duckie pick is beyond kawaii!!!

  2. In addition to duckies there are little chickens coming out of eggs, 2 ducks wearing black top hats, and 2 ducks wearing construction hard hats! I hit the kawaii motherlode on this set of picks.