Monday, February 2, 2009

Super-Bowl Bento

Jan's Monday Mr. Bento has a little bit of sports-food theme. Salsa with cheese stars and extra jalapenos, tortilla chips, seafood salad, and carrots & sugar snap peas with a mini-Snickers.

Did you watch the big game?! I saw most of it. I always cheer for the losing team so that guarantees all sports events are tragic experiences for me. "Oh no! How awful!! They have come so far!" Yesterday's Super Bowl involved several shocking reversals so my emotional agility was tested to the max as the underdog role shifted in an instant.

And how about that Bruce Springsteen half-time show? I hope I can jump up on a grand piano at his age. Come to think of it, I already can't jump onto pianos. I must need......more bento!!!


  1. Seafood salad recipe, please!!!!

    I didnt watch the SB as I am deathly allergic to sports... mostly football. I sat in the kitchen with the only other NORMAL girl that was at my house (the abnormal girls and all the boys were screaming in front of the TV in the living room).

    "More bento" ah yes... the cure for most ailments... methinks!

  2. Avie, this recipe is embarrassing - I took every shortcut.

    cooked shrimp
    surimi 'crab legs' cut in half inch rounds
    coleslaw mix
    shreds of carrots left from carrot star cutouts
    green onion chopped
    coleslaw salad dressing (bottled)

    Combine! And Jan said it was the best seafood salad he'd ever had! Literally it took 3 minutes to make. Go figure.