Saturday, January 31, 2009

Accidental Friday Bento

This pretty little lunch was un-freakin-necessary since Jan was planning to go to lunch with his friend Roley. However he ate it for supper and it got a good grade.

From lower right he had: Spicy Indian lentil balls (yum!) and some baby carrots, pears slices under cheese flowers alongside bitter melon atjar ketimun, a baby greens salad with cherry tomatoes and black olives, key limes for dressing; and Ak-Mak crackers with a mini-Snickers bar.

You will find many different lentil ball recipes on the internet. I based mine on this one
but substituted brown rice for the whole wheat bread crumbles, and I had to add an egg to get binding for ball formation (they were too crumbly otherwise). But they are really good and talk about cheap comfort food!!

We joke about losing all our retirement fund in the current economic meltdown, so we (seriously) collect really cheap recipes. This one is definitely going in the "What to Eat Instead of Catfood?" file.

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  1. OH FL! Isn't that the truth? We are trying to think of ways to save money right now as well, and packing lunches for DH is one of the things we have agreed to do. It is amazing how fast buying lunch out 5 days a week can add up!

    Lets hear it for bean! YEAH! Cheap and so good for us!