Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mr. Bento's International Incident

Today's Mr. Bento lunch was international to an almost alarming degree. Last night I made sushi rice rolls with sesame seeds on top, using a gizmo that crushes rice into roll shapes. Nifty! Much better than wearing sticky rice mittens the way I did last time. So this was the Japan element, along with Mr. Bento himself of course.

To that I added some shrimp and a tiny bottle of soy sauce with a bunny shaped head from "Mama's Assist".

I can tell you that Mama needs assist in getting soy sauce into that little bottle opening; a teensy funnel was provided but I recommend you have a full cup of coffee and put on your glasses before trying this at home.

Also in today's lunch: Minnesota-baked pita quarters with Egyptian hummus inside, a Greek salad, and an orange from Mexico. How many continents are represented in this photo?! What a world we live in. In the olden days you'd have to have been a Roman Caesar to eat such a world-cafe of ingredients, as in "thrushes' tongues from Persia and honey from Africa" etc. Now it is all at our fingertips.

My husband eats lunch with a somewhat rowdy crowd of co-workers, who are a bit fascinated with his Bento lunches now. Today one of them said, "What did you do last night??" I think it was the sushi rolls.


  1. I agree about the soy sauce containers.... not easy... :(

  2. And the DH has suggested that we might try hypodermic syringes. He says they are available at sporting goods stores because, unbelievable as this sounds, you can inflate fishing worms to make them float. I don't want to know any more about that, not one iota more of information. :(