Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Flubs

This was my first attempt at fancy and the results are quite humbling. What I had pictured: elegant little hot dog fish and a benignly smiling hard boiled egg half decorating wasabi egg salad.

What I got: the miserable survivors of a hot dog massacre -- "Run for your lives!!" -- and an evil or drunken overlord egg also evidently wishing to be elsewhere, perhaps in some banana republic where a maniacal facial expression gains you respect.

Today's Bento features the wasabi egg salad with its emotional storm on top, pita wedges, skewers of cherry tomato, celery, ham, and black olive, and blue raspberry jello with blue M&M's on top. May it taste better than it looks!

I do like the look of these; they made me hungry!


  1. hehe, that def. made me smile ^^ esp. the commentary! i would try decorative bento if i wasn't so tired in the mornings/night when I make mine... I'm happy just being able to get the food cooked lol!

  2. OH! I LOVE THE EMO FOODS!!! That poor Mr. Egg! He does look quite disgruntled! I think it looks great and your pics and comments made me LOL this morning!

    Could you please tell more about your wasabi egg salad? I am assuming hard boiled egg, mayo, and wasabi?

  3. Ryn: Thanks for stopping by! Getting the food cooked is the only essential part...This other stuff is just asking for sorrow.

    Avie: EMO FOODS is a perfect phrase; I will need it again I fear. Wasabi powder in mayonnaise is easy to do; getting the amount of powder right is the only challenge. And chopped hardboiled egg, diced green onion, salt and sansho pepper.

  4. That egg man is freakin' creepy. Poor little fish. I just know they're going to get molested.

  5. Lunch Buckets, ain't it the truth; there is nothing worse than a pervy egg.