Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday: Overslept

My plans for today's lunch went out the window when I saw how little time I had. This was the result: leftover fried rice from last night, leftover takeout egg foo yung (lower level), with carrots, romaine, and Want-Want cookies on top (OK there's also a JellyJelly and a caramel apple pop; trying to lose weight requires that I cheer myself up with sweets). But also: guava juice!! I love it.

Jan's Mr. Bento was this:

two sushi rolls whose odd shape shows that I made them, with shrimp and ginger and a wasabi filled heart; wrap sandwich of cream cheese and hard salami, salad leftovers, and cookies with a chocolate coin.


  1. Lovely as always! Did you make the fried rice or was it take out? It looks yummy!!!

  2. This gets better and better... How long can Bento Babe keep it up... the mind boggles, the mouth salivates... Porky Grows.. or tries to...

  3. Avie, I made the fried rice and threw in mung bean sprouts from the Asian grocery which really added some interest; even after frying they had a crunchy wallop.

    MusicMan: Avie is getting her husband into bento lunches too. It is a sinister plot of wives sneaking veggies and fruit into their guys' diet. Later we will rule the world.