Friday, January 9, 2009

TGIF All-Japanese Bento

Last night I went to bed with no ideas about today's Mr. Bento; I'm not sure why. And I overslept this morning, which left very little time to prepare anything. In a mad rush I grabbed things out of the pantry and fridge, and this was the result: cold sesame udon with cucumber chunks on top, garlic shrimp with red pepper, miso soup with snow pea and mushroom, ginger cookies and a truffle (OK the dessert was not so Japanese).

The seal of approval was definitely given to the shrimp and the udon. I was glad to have found a cold sesame noodle recipe that I like; there seem to be many ways of making this sauce and nothing so far has matched that one transcendent cold-sesame experience I had in Sausalito way back when...

How many times do we go in search of that Holy Grail, the 'best ever' dish we had once upon a time? And sometimes the atmosphere or the occasion was such a big part of it - so the dish itself is forever a fugitive or a ghost, slipping away even as we reach to recreate it. Sausalito makes everything taste better! Especially if you have just come from hiking in the redwoods. And on that particular afternoon, the sun was slanting over the beach making everyone golden. But those noodles now, they really were divine...

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