Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When Little Bento Schemes Work Out...

...Life is Good!!!

Everyone who loves a bento must have this feeling often: AHA! It fits!!

Today I scored a huge victory. My newly purchased mini-quiche pans make pies that fit in Mr. Bento's containers! Happiness all over.

Here are the pans:

I wasn't sure they'd actually work as they are the exact same diameter as the container, but the spinach quiche I made this morning shrank away just a tetch from the sides as it cooled. There's a limitless horizon of possibilities for these quiche pans. I'm seeing apple crumble, baked squash casseroles, oh just anything...

Today's bento for Jan had;
(1) the victory-quiche, plus:
(2) a Greek salad,
(3) daikon wedges & bitter melon on skewers with shrimp, on a bed of snow peas, drizzled with rice vinegar and with a little soy bottle for cute;
(4) 'Want-Want' rice crackers and a Jolly-Jolly jelly, from our recent grocery trip.

It's a good bento day for me; hope it is for you too!

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