Friday, January 23, 2009

End of Week Bentos

My little food cutters arrived and I immediately put them to use on yesterday's bento for Jan: heart-shaped salami on the eggs, and carrot stars. He got; yogurt with blackberries and agave nectar, Want-Want cookie with root-beer barrel candies, spicy peanut whole-wheat noodles with carrot stars, and a hard-boiled egg with salami hearts and a babybel cheese.

My bento for today is:

The largest container is a Bosc pear and a Minneola orange. Smaller container is cranberry aspic with cream cheese and jello jigglers (trying to get rid of these!). And an onigiri with soy sauce bunny.

It's Friday!! I rode two horses last night after 8 p.m.; the arena was all mine and the northern lights were exploding on the horizon. Life is good. Here's to hearts and stars in all our lunches!!


  1. FL! I have been so excited to tell you that I ordered a Mr Bento yesterday! I can't wait to get it (should be here next week)!!! Maybe when you have some free time you could make a post all about the Mr Bento and how to use it correctly. Maybe some tips on storage, cleaning, or anything else you think might be helpful! I would really appreciate it! :) I hope I am not being rude with my request! LOL! :)

  2. Avie, I can't wait to make a post about Mr. Bento technical details since I am the newly self-proclaimed regional expert on it! region = my office at work. :)

  3. How long have you been Bento obsessed? I started aan old style bento box obsession a while ago and have since fallen off the wagon. This might re-fire the obsession for me!

  4. Ranchette! You too?! I have ordered a traditional bento box because some of the links I found - like my new friend Avie with her cuuuute bentos -- are in these type of boxes and just so pretty. DH and I made a commitment to eat better in 2009 and so far - knock on wood - the bento lunch has really helped.