Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan's Tuesday Mr. Bento

I am only making one Mr. Bento lunch per day this week because I am in a workshop which is providing lunch for us -- terrible ghastly food from the university food service, but we are required to eat together and I can't bring myself to open up Mr. Bento in front of everyone eating sad cardboardy pizza and damp chicken wrap sandwiches...

Anyway here is Jan's Tuesday Mr. Bento:

He got: spaghetti pie in a bed of shredded Savoy cabbage, green beans from last night's dinner, grapefruit slices, and ginger cookies with chocolate covered cherries. He said he wasn't able to finish the grapefruit because it would have been too many carbs for him, but he did not say the cookies went uneaten for that reason!

I figured out how to remove the gasket from the soup container of Mr. Bento for cleaning; a chopstick pops it out nicely and also pushes it back into its groove.
I'll include a photo of this fascinating operation in tomorrow's blog.

Meanwhile here's a winter sky photo of the church across the street, a pretty building with an obnoxious mechanical chime that plays such things as an off-key version of 'Kumbaya' loudly at noon and 6 p.m. every blessed day:


  1. LOL! Cookies dont have carbs! I thought everyone knew that! XD