Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Horrifying OctoDog Bento

I am cursed; even a simple octopus hotdog comes out looking like a crime victim; in this case, a poor innocent sea creature who has had its eyes poked out violently and bits of black stuff shoved into the empty sockets. Not far from the truth in my kitchen of emo-food sadism! Avie of AviesBento invented the phrase emo-food and I will be needing it so it seems. I need better knives. But that's probably what all the psychos say.

Today's bento included this victim plus a few other less heart-rending items:

From left to right: sushi rolls, raw carrots, and a tinfoil wasabi boat, Octodog on a green sea of carrot-top aspic, tamagoyaki with green onion and polenta wedges fried in a touch of hot chili oil, and wasabi peas with M&M's and a Jolly-Jolly jelly. This went in Jan's Mr. Bento.

And my lunch was a little simpler but still a bento:

Tamagoyaki, carrots, onigiri lightly fried in sesame oil, grapes, and jello jigglers.

I weighed myself this morning, something I do rarely because it takes so much explaining: how my feet are very heavy and large and probably weigh about 15 pounds each, my bone structure is also huge and heavy, my brain alone is probably 35 pounds at least...but the upshot is I am going to try to lose some weight. I think the bento lunches will help if I keep the vegetables up and the Pockies to a minimum.

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  1. OH! I think that your emo-octo is just stunning! You have inspired me to chat about octo-dogs in my blog today! Come check it out and you will see that my tako look just as crazy as yours! Hmmm, methinks I will name your emo-dog: Edwardo The Emo Octo!