Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bento for a Frigid Thursday

It's a balmy -20 F. outside as I write this. In a minute I will get dressed in 372 layers of clothing, venture out and attempt to start my car, and mosey off to work. Schools are closed today but my university (Motto: "Hell No We Won't Close!") is open for business as usual.

Jan's Bento has a hot theme to warm him up:

1. Szechuan shrimp stir-fry
2. Polenta wedges fried in hot chili oil
3. Bitter melon salad with lots of fresh ginger
4. Wasabi peas and M&M's

That should put the fire in the belly! He loves hot food so this should be OK.

I'm still seeking the perfect method for transferring soy sauce to the cute containers; it's messy with the syringe, and when I have soy sauce in a coffee cup, I am at high risk of drinking it by accident this early early in the morning. Hazards of bento!!


  1. Im not sure how flexible your little bottles are but I have the little fishy kind and I squeeze all the air out of them and then insert the opening into a tiny cup filled with the soy sauce and then release my hold on the bottle. The bottle with suck up the soy sauce as the pressure is released. Does that make any sense at all? LOL! I am not good at explaining things X___X

  2. Avie, that is an excellent idea! The bottles are quite flexible and i bet that's how it is supposed to be done...will try tomorrow.

  3. Seek and you shall find - ask and it will be given to you!!!

    A very nice tutorial was done over at Bento Lunches

    to fill:

    to clean: