Friday, February 27, 2009

Wootiwoot woot New Bentos!!

The killer-cute Koi bento and its little friend the Black Sheep Shinzi Kato arrived yesterday from the EBay seller TokyoSamurai, located in Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan. I highly recommend this seller because after I ordered these items TokyoSamurai refunded a chunk of my shipping because the online shipping calculator had overcharged me. It was a small amount and I would never have noticed, but I admired their attention to detail.

The Black Sheep fascinates me. A group of white sheep are near the top of the design, and one black sheep right and lower down. A caption reads,

It's a nice day!
Where are you going
Such Beautiful day?

Is this the black sheep talking to the group or vice versa? All around the edge of the top a line of text runs: "How about we go shopping today? We'll buy delicious fruits. How about you? Do you want to come? Sounds good! I will go to shopping!"

I love the endlessly looping shopping plans, and I love worrying about the black sheep: if she is making a friendly overture, will the white sheep really go shopping with her or will they ditch her in a cruel manner? Like, lose her in the mall?

In all it is an open ended story, my favorite kind. Anything could happen!

Today's bentos:

Jan has sushi I made last night (you have to imagine the cursing and swearing as I acquire this skill through painful epic failures one after another) with quail eggs jammed in there too, a ribbon of ginger and a froggy soy bottle; gyoza (frozen from the Asian market); salad, and a brownie.

I have an onigiri (plain, with an umeboshi on top), some sushi, gyoza, cucumber wedges, soy quail eggs, and red pepper strips. Me and the black sheep have a date later, maybe go shopping; it's a beautiful day.


  1. FL,

    My koi boxes!!! :) You are going to LOVE them! And you Kato box is terrific! I have bought from that same ebay seller and he is very friendly although shipping does take awhile usually. I am actually waiting on a new box from him as we speak! *is excited*

    Have a fab weekend! :)

  2. You too!! I think I am about supplied with boxes now, and I also got a huge Hello Kitty! magnetic decal for my Mr. Bento so the stylin part is all lined up. Now I have to become a better cook. You are inspiring with your gyoza and all...

  3. I have the single koi box and that same black sheep Shinzi Katoh box!! I LOVE the Katoh designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Eilismaura, aren't they just hypnotic? I swore I was done buying bento boxes but I am still thinking about one of their cat ones: a cat is staring at a bunch of human legs in a queue or something. Do I need just one more teensy little bento??

  5. oh my goodness. I am screaming about how adorable both of those bento are. Must be copy cat and buy some!

  6. LOL Flying - the Gibbon has my attention at this point -- my first Katoh box was the itadakimasu onigiri box. I keep looking - it is a siren's call for me.

  7. Oh Eilismaura, now you've done it. Not only do I long for the itadakimasu onigir box and also the Gibbon, but how about a pink bee onigiri box like this:
    " featuring Shinzi Katoh's illustration of a Pink Bee. The caption reads: "Pink Bee lives on a leaf. She washes her face with morning dew." The lower half of the case reads: "As she sleeps she enjoys the songs of insects."

    Must. Have. This. GROAN/GRUMBLE. :)