Saturday, February 21, 2009

TGI Leftovers Again!

The Chinese take-out is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Today Jan gets the rest of my sesame chicken, the 'mystery-meat' dumplings which we both love and worry about, some fresh veggies, a fortune cookie and some fried won-tons, and a mango pudding.

This is not exactly great nutrition but I woke up yesterday sick as a dog. Now why do we say that?! Dogs are normally the picture of health and so resilient - I need a better metaphor. Anyway I could not talk at all and so of course, not only did several people from work email for a meeting that very day but also it was the vet visit for horsey inoculations and spring wellness check - which usually requires at least some conversation even if it is somewhat cranky.

So I struggled through the early part of the day and then sat on the couch and watched 2 back-to-back episodes of "Wife Swap". !!! What a bizarre show. In my fevered state I could hardly bear the suspense, when a pampered and spoiled rich wife was sent to a dairy farm/penal colony to live for awhile, as her counterpart the worked-to-death farm woman assumed the position of sleeping until 3 p.m. and being brought breakfast in bed with flowers, but at the cost of dealing with incredibly spoiled daughters who regarded riding the school bus as a fate worse than death. Wow; TV has gotten really good while I wasn't watching! Or maybe it was the cold meds.

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  1. "the 'mystery-meat' dumplings which we both love and worry about"

    soooo trueeee. i try not to think about it. sometimes i do accidentally and have to take the meat out and just eat the outside :)