Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hasty Bentos for Those who Sleep Too Long

I had a business dinner last night and since I lack social skills, these tire me out. So I slept way too long this morning and these bentos were thrown together at warp speed.

Jan's Mr. Bento above has baby carrots and little pickled sweet peppers stuffed with cream cheese, black bean jambalaya leftover from dinner 2 nights ago and brown rice on the side; Ak-Mak crackers and BabyBel cheese;, rhubarb crisp.

My (ta-daaa!) new bento called "Healing of Nature" has onigiri with soybeans in a radicchio cup, sugar snap peas, and a hard-boiled egg that was so hard to peel it's lucky I didn't shoot its brains out in the process. You always get That Egg when you're trying to hurry.

Anyway, Healing of nature, commence! I am more than ready.


  1. If this is what you put together when you're tired and cranky, the mind boggles. Both sets look ferocious tasty.

  2. I guess this is why we have the famous term: "Bad Egg"! WHA HA HA!!

    Your new bento box is lovely! Please tell me if it actually "heals" anything because I think I could use a little healing over here! :)

    What did you season your onigiri with? Nori and sesame seeds?

  3. 3Penny: I am driven to new heights of 5 a.m. obsession by a comment like that!

    Avie: I like this little bento too. On the side it says, "Lunch was able to be made." A modest statement which nevertheless implies 'just barely!' and that's usually the case. yes, nori and sesame seeds.